As someone who has been in the wedding photography business for almost 20 years, I have seen a lot of changes in the business.  There are a few that I think will matter to you.

-The average wedding photographer lasts 18-24 months in this market.  Please be sure that the photographer you select has been in business far longer than that.  Weddings are live events and unexpected changes can come at you fast as a photographer.  Finding a photographer that has been in those situations before will keep your day running smooth.  

-Big business and big data are dominating the industry.  Once you give out your email address or post on social media that you are engaged, you become a target for the companies that can afford to buy big data.  Many of those companies have marketing departments that are experts in bringing in couples through advertising and routinely offer "discounts" to get couples to buy.  It all looks very nice from the outside, but I assure you that its akin to shopping at Walmart.   

-Big businesses have outsourced editing to places like India and Thailand.  I'm sure those are fine people that are editing those images, but they were not at your wedding, and will never meet you.  I've never been there to see their operations, but my educated guess is that they are editing thousands of images per day.  Maybe tens of thousands.  When you hire a small business person locally, your photographer will be the one editing your images.  They were at your wedding and care about you and delivering a quality product.  

Accent Photography by Dale Mueller